Asíkides was formed in 2007 in Barcelona by Yannis Papaioannou, as a group of Greek traditional music.

In 2008 they released their first album (“Músicas de Grecia”, Temps Record) and forming part of the cultural program of “La Caixa Foundation”, they presented their work all around Spain.

The cultural environment of Barcelona and the creative concerns of Yannis eventually gave a more personal touch to the repertoire of the group. At this point they started collaborating with the israelí singer Tal Ben Ari and together they released their second álbum (“Hespería”, Temps Records). The positive critics and the energy of their concerts allowed them to present their work all around Spain while also performing in France, Italy, Hungary and Greece.

On March 2010 they collaborated with the great Turkish master Omar Faruk Tekbilek in a big concert in Barcelona.

For a short period in 2015, they also collaborated with the spanish Singer Noemi Calumarte.

After a pause of 2 years Asíkides are back!

This time their lead singer is the greek Christiana Vlanti with whom Yannis has already worked in different projects.

The two, together with Savvas Salpistis on the bass and Alexandre Guitart on percussions, start again their journey around the Mediterranean.